Be visible to other motorists day or night with

The Strobinator & The Strobinator II/III Brake/Tail Lights

I also offer Cirius USA High Power LED Lights

The smart safety feature to help prevent rear-end accidents

Designed for easy installation - it only takes about 30 minutes. The Strobinator is an 18 inch long (16 inch for the Strobinator II & III) tail light & brake light with turn signals. Whenever you turn on the ignition, the bar lights up at a lower intensity as a tail light but when you engage the brake, the 3 red sections of LED's strobe for 5 seconds then light up solid red at full brightness. The Strobinator Brake light has 7 different strobe patterns, and changes pattern automatically every time you apply the brakes. The Strobinator is 100% American made, internal strobe module, & has a 5 year limited warranty. Check out each style of Strobinator from the menu above (watch the videos too)!

The Strobinator Brake Light is made using 48 red and 24 yellow high intensity LED's for brake and turn signals, which is the same high intensity LED's used on Police and Emergency vehicles. Note: Strobinator III has all red LEDs.

I also offer the new Cirius USA High Power white LED Light kits that mount on any 1" or 1.25" tube on your bike. Check out the details for Cirius LED lights from the menu above (watch the video too)! 

DON'T take a chance with your SAFETY!

  • The Strobinator Brake Light (18 inches long with turn signals) is $225.00 per kit
  • The Strobinator II Brake Light for 2014 models (16 inches long with turn signals) is $225.00 per kit
  • The Strobinator III Brake Light for 2015 H-D models (16 inches long with turn signals) is $225.00 per kit
  • The Strobinator Jr. Brake Light (8 inches long, no turn signals, usually mounts over or under tag) is $170.00 per kit
  • The Dual Strobinator Jr. Brake Light Kit (Two - Strobinator Jr. bars, mount vertically on each side of rear fender for H-D Street & Road Glides) is value priced at $225.00 per kit.
  • CIRIUS USA TUBE MOUNTED LIGHTING-HIGH POWER - Designed for almost any round tubing. is $195.00 per kit.

All parts, wiring, and instructions included in every kit. GEORGIA RESIDENTS ADD 7% SALES TAX. Shipping extra, if applicable.

Installation for any of our kits is available for an additional fee.

For more information and ordering, please use the 'Questions and Ordering' menu button ⇑ Or Call Us @ 478-955-4040